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4 Portion Exotic Mango Cheese Cake

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A delicious dish with one or more layers is called cheesecake. A mixture of soft, fresh cheese (usually cottage cheese, cream cheese, or ricotta), eggs, and sugar makes up the main and thickest layer of the cake. If there is a bottom layer, it typically consists of a crust or base made from digestive biscuits, graham crackers, pastry, or occasionally sponge cake that has been crushed.

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A cooked cheesecake needs to cool completely to ensure that it sets properly; failing to do so could result in this. After cooling at room temperature, place the cheesecake in the refrigerator to finish chilling entirely, preserving the quality of your cake.After the cheesecake has completely chilled, you may decide whether to slice it or leave it whole in the freezer. To freeze the entire cheesecake, place it on a plate or cardboard circle and cover it with plastic wrap first, then foil. Slices must follow the same double-wrapping guidelines.